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Esco Isotherm® Forced Convection Laboratory Incubators

Esco Isotherm® Forced Convection Laboratory Incubators

Product advantages

  • 4 zone heated air jacket
  • Heat up to 100oC
  • Clean shelving system
  • Computer controllable via Voyager software
  • Available in the following sizes: 32 L, 54 L, 110 L, 170 L, 240 L



Product Details

Esco Isotherm - world class laboratory incubators from Esco with the technologies and compliance to prove it. Ergonomic, intuitive interfaces, microprocessor PID controls with programming options, 4 zone heated air jacket, precisely tuned and tested ventilation and insulation package, all supported by Esco's solutions - based sales and service representatives worldwide.
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