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Flow Injection Mercury System (FIMS)

Flow Injection Mercury System (FIMS)

Product advantages

  • Virtually Interference-free from matrix
  • Detection limit as low as a few ppt (ng/L) level
  • Exceptionally Low Carryover
  • Smaller sample volumes are required – 500uL only
  • Lower reagent and gas consumption than continuous flow system
  • Integrated compact design - minimal bench space required


Product Details

Product overview:

To control the amount of mercury polluting our environment, mercury has to be monitored in all areas of modern life. The PerkinElmer® Flow Injection Mercury Systems (FIMS) permit the determination of mercury at levels as low as a few ppt level. The systems combine the advantages of flow injection and atomic absorption measurement into a compact mercury analyzer.
FIMS provides a freedom from interferences that is unachievable by other mercury techniques. Unlike continuous-flow designs, the flow injection technique results in considerably reduced carryover. The result is shorter washout times and improved analytical accuracy.
FIMS systems include either one (FIMS 100) or two (FIMS 400) independently controlled peristaltic pumps for carrier, reagent and sample transport; a 5-port flow injection (FI) switching valve; and other high quality FI components. The easily replaced sample loop is available in a variety of sizes.

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