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Specac High Temperature High Pressure Cell (HTHP)

Specac High Temperature High Pressure Cell (HTHP)

Product Advantages

  • High Temperature (up to 800C)
  • High Pressure (Vacuum to 1000psi)
  • Multi-purpose



Product Details

Specac High Temperature/High Pressure (HTHP) Cell permits analysis of solid samples in transmission, specular reflectance and decomposition modes; and process gases in static or flow transmission mode. Sample temperatures of up to 800°C can be achieved and the cell can operate at pressures from vacuum to 1000 psi


The HTHP Cell is manufactured predominantly from corrosion resistant and vacuum compatible materials. ZnSe windows and silicone seals are used as standard, but other window materials and seals can also be provided. Temperature control of the accessory is provided by a dedicated power controller.

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