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Statebourne Biorack LN2 tank
  • Statebourne Biorack LN2 tank

    Product Advantages

    • 96 Well Plates, Cryobox, Goblet, Straw, Cord Blood, Cane, Blood Bags, 5ml Tubes, Falcon Tubes & Vial storage
    • Liquid or Vapour
    • Suitable for IVF Samples
    • High Thermal Efficiency
    • Auto Fill & Data Logging
    • MDD 93/42/EEC Compliant



    Product Details
    Biorack Series Ultra-Low loss storage refrigerators


    Advanced super insulation and ultra high vacuum techniques allow storage times between refills of up to 6 months. The Biorack Series are available in four sizes, with 750, 3000, 4800 and 6000 x 2ml Cryovial capacities. All Bioracks are supplied complete with racks and polycarbonate cryoboxes.

    The Biorack series of refrigerators provide highly efficient storage of bulk quantities of cryovials. Racking systems housed within these ultra-low loss cryogenic refrigerators enable users to store large quantities of Biomedical material over long periods of time, safe in the knowledge that storage temperatures even in the vapour phase, will be below-190°C.

    • 4 models from 750 to 6000 cryovial capacity
    • Durable aluminium construction
    • Space saving for storage of IVF samples
    • Ultra-low evaporative losses
    • Compatible with all major cryobox brands
    • Heavy duty lockable enclosure offers excellent security
    • Liquid or vapour phase option available
    • Temperature data-logging device available
    • Storage of 96 well plates, straws, 5ml tubes, blood bags, canes and cord blood bags


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