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Titan MPS Microwave Sample Preparation System

Titan MPS Microwave Sample Preparation System

Product Advantages

  • Color touch-screen controller

  • Cylindrical, corrosion-resistant, PFA-coated oven cavity

  • Direct Pressure Control (DTC) & Direct Temperature Control (DTC) optical-reaction monitoring systems

  • Vessels guaranteed for one year

  • Integrated gas collection system



Product Details

Atomic spectroscopy techniques often depend on microwave sample preparation systems that can deliver complete, uncontaminated samples. Titan MPS microwave sample preparation system provides the quick return on investment that labs are looking for in these times of constrained budgets.
The Titan MPS is a top-loading microwave sample preparation system protected by hardware interlocks to ensure safety during operation. It’s simple to load and unload samples, which keeps everyone more productive.
Under the lid is a system built for rugged, routine laboratory use, with a cylindrical, corrosion-resistant, PFA-coated oven cavity that ensures even microwave distribution. Digestion performance is enhanced further thanks to our unique Direct Pressure Control™ (DPC) and Direct Temperature Control™ (DTC) optical-reaction monitoring systems, which measure each sample vessel individually, resulting in a constant adjustment of power level.
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