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Accela (Shao Yuan)

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Chemicals & Reagents

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Accela (Shao Yuan)
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About Accela

Accela was founded by bio-pharmaceutical veterans from the US and China in 2007. Their management team has had extensive expertise and an excellent track record in synthetic chemistry, discovery, process R&D, project management, CRO, QC/QA, pilot plant, and GMP manufacturing. They have sales offices and warehouses in San Diego, CA (USA) and Shanghai (China); our R&D center is located in Zhangjiang Hightech Park (South); and a 574075 ft² pilot plant in Jiangxi,China. Now they are committed to offering integrated CMO service from gram to ton scales of advanced API intermediates, and raw materials for GMP production. 

Their mission is to provide high quality, innovative products to their valuable customers.

Accela Products 

Featured Products:

SY039427 Camptothecin and its analogues, SY250609 Oral Small Molecule GLP-1R Agonist, SY294063 Trehalose

Serial Products: 

Building blocks for Sugar Chain, Benzoxazoles, Oxazoles, Pyrrolidines, Piperidines, Thiazoles, Hydrazines, Pyrazoles, Thiophenes, Pyridines, Indazoles, Isoquinolines, Carboxylic Acids, Nitro Compds, Piperazines, Imidazoles, Quinolines, Nitriles,  Heterocyclic Amines, Tertiary Amines, Phenols, Unusual Amino Acids and Derivatives, Amino Alcohols, ADC Reagent System, Chiral Mol's, Amino Acids, Heterocyclic Halides, Heterocyclic Carboxylic Acids, Electronic Chemicals, Boronic Acids, Esters & Salts, Aldehydes & Ketones

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