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Major products:
  • Rotary Evaporator

  • Aspirator

  • Chiller

  • Freeze Dryer

  • Organic Synthesizer

Hong Kong Labware is the sole distributor for EYELA in Hong Kong and Macau.

About Eyela

Since its founding in 1955, Eyela has been closely collaborating with researchers as a manufacturer of research support equipment that caters to their specific needs. Researchers work on a wide range of topics and face various challenges. There is a diverse range of demands for research equipment, and Eyela has addressed these by offering a comprehensive lineup of over 200 models. Moreover, they have a system in place to accommodate customization and special specifications, such as adding functions or changing materials, based on detailed requests. To achieve this, Eyela has established an integrated production system that covers raw material procurement, machinery/sheet metal processing, painting, glass processing, assembly, inspection, and packaging. They are confident that this integrated production system is the most effective method to precisely meet customer requirements.

Additionally, Eyela has established an integrated system that spans sales, development planning and design, quality assurance, and service. This allows them to quickly grasp customer needs and leverage their own core technologies to deliver highly original products. They are now entering the era of digital transformation (DX) and are committed to contributing as much as possible to DX in the research and industrial fields.

Eyela's company motto is "a small number of talented people," "technical innovation," and "honesty and harmony." They believe that it is crucial for every employee to collaborate and support one another to drive efficient improvements and achieve their goals. Eyela strives to assist researchers and engineers in opening the door to the future they aspire to. They sincerely appreciate your ongoing guidance and support.

Eyela Product Line

  • Concentrator/rotary evaporator

  • Cooling water circulation device (chiller)

  • Low temperature chamber/constant temperature chamber

  • Freeze/spray dryer (freeze dry)

  • Dryer/electric furnace

  • pressure reducing device

  • Cooling/trap device

  • thermostat

  • shaker

  • Synthesizer

  • Stirrer/glass reaction vessel

  • Metering liquid pump

  • liquid chromatograph

  • Pure water production equipment

  • Culture/sterilization equipment

  • Research aids/preparation equipment

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