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  • Automatic Cell Counter

About SOL

SOL is a bio-technology company headquartered in South Korea applying life science, lens free solutions through the use of semiconductors.

SOL has been recognized as contributing the global IEC standard for the lens-free technology. This achievement was the first time within the medical testing device segment. IEC Standards play a critical role in furthering world trade and provides a standardized approach to testing and certification. For this honor, SOL was recently awarded the South Korean Prime Minister’s Prize from the achievement.

SOL Product - SOL COUNT Automatic Cell Counter

Until now, a microscope was absolutely necessary to magnify the cells of the body, including blood. The microscope magnifies cells through two lenses. (Objective and Eyepiece) On the other hand, SOL COUNT Automated Cell Counter is a disruptive technology that allows you to magnify cells without lenses. It is a high technology device that measures cell counts by enlarging cells through a semiconductor sensor without lenses.  

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