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Typhoon Alert! Is your rooftop lab blower affected? Arrange a check-up with our qualified team now!


9 Oct 2023

Typhoon Alert! Is Your School Rooftop's Lab Blower Affected?

Check the Ventilation System, Ensure Your School Lab Safety !

Due to frequent storms and heavy rainfall recently, many schools have experienced damage to their properties. So, don't forget to confirm the proper functioning of various laboratory equipment after the typhoon. 

Lab blowers play a crucial role in maintaining laboratory safety. They are responsible for removing harmful gases and volatile chemicals generated during experiments, ensuring proper air circulation and air quality within the laboratory. 

If you have recently observed any flooding on the rooftop of your campus and are concerned about potential issues with the blowers, or if the blowers and associated laboratory fumehoods are displaying abnormal behavior, such as failure to operate, reduced airflow, increased noise levels, or unusual sounds, please contact us immediately.

Our team is a qualified vendor for EMSD - Biomedical and Electronics Engineering Services, providing repair and maintenance services for BSCs and fumehoods. We can arrange a comprehensive inspection and maintenance service to ensure the safety of your school laboratories.  

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