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Did your autoclave really doing a sterilization?

Did your autoclave really doing a sterilization (or doing it correctly)?

To meet a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) 10–6 , autoclave should provide a

121°C / 15min / 205kPa


134°C /3min/ 305kPa

For non-liquid material, only when steam touches the surface of the item can ensure true sterilization occur

The importance of vacuum pump:

Remove air pockets from packs and porous loads and most kinds of tubes by vacuum at the first stage of the cycle.

Better steam penetration into the load, resulting in effective sterilization

Better temperature uniformity

Better drying of materials with closed door due to the vacuum achieved in the chamber at the end of the sterilization cycle.

In case of bio-hazard load or waste, a bio-hazard filter installed with vacuum pump enable sterilizing the load without contaminating the surrounding, since “non-sterilized air” may already leaked out.

In Tuttanuer, we provide models with vacuum pump at a small extra cost, because we believe that is the best way to do autoclave.

Temperature probe

At least two temperature probe is needed for liquid sterilization, one for monitor the chamber temperature another for monitor the liquid.

The temperature probe to put inside the liquid to trigger sterilization will provide a “perfect” sterilization. For those without liquid temperature probe, it either cannot guarantee the sterilization because of “autoclave” condition not yet meet or “overcooked” the liquid/media as autoclave duration too long.

In Tuttanuer, we have 2 PT100 temperature probe for liquid temperature monitoring ensure your liquid material always at perfect autoclave condition.

Water used for autoclave

RO water should be used for autoclave (Not tap water), since the mineral and dirt in tap water will cause rusting of the autoclave chamber especially for those using stainless steel 304 or lower grade metal.

In Tuttanuer, things will be better as we use Stainless Steel 316, but still using RO water will enhance your autoclave’s life and outlook.

>Rusting occur in non SS316 chamber with tap water being used

Validate your autoclave

To evaluate a autoclave successful sterilize the material, steam process indicator tape (color stripe changes) cannot ensure sterilization is success, as it only indicate temperature is meet (not consider time and pressure etc). Temperature and Pressure indicate from the autoclave itself also cannot validate the sterilization process since that is physical property not biological indication, so they only used for daily checking for the process.

The best way to validate sterilization process is using Chemical indicator and Biological indicator. They are proven and validated method to ensure microorganism is being removed during the autoclave process.

HK Labware are authorized dealer for Tuttanuer and we provide autoclave certification service to ensure the product being used is safe and meet government requirement (and also your requirement)


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