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Opentrons: Lab Automation Has Never Been Easier

In modern scientific research, laboratory automation technology has become an essential part. However, many labs still face challenges when purchasing and using automation equipment. This is where Opentrons is your good partner in liquid handling procedures.

Opentrons is a company specializing in developing laboratory automation equipment and software. Their OT-2, which performs multiple experimental procedures, including liquid handling, PCR setup, protein purification, and NGS library preparation. Its most significant feature is its ease of use, which can significantly reduce the time required for the above experimental procedures. Opentrons provides a simple user interface and multiple protocol methods, allowing lab personnel to use robots to complete various tasks efficiently.

Labware Group now offers Opentrons products and provides comprehensive after-sales service to ensure that every customer can use Opentrons products with confidence. We have a team with many years of experience in laboratory equipment services, providing you with fast and reliable transportation, installation, training, and maintenance services to ensure that the product can safely arrive at your laboratory and quickly start using it. In addition, we also provide regular maintenance and maintenance services to ensure that the robot product is always in the best condition.

Choosing Opentrons to automate your laboratory can improve experimental quality, optimize management, and reduce labour costs. Contact us now to learn about your laboratory automation solution or arrange a demonstration of machine usage.


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