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STEM Program For School Linked With Innovative Enterprises

We are excited to introduce our latest STEM program, which is closely linked with industry partners and designed to equip students with practical skills and knowledge to tackle challenges in the modern technology industry.

Our STEM program has partnerships with several innovation and technology enterprises, where students can gain insight into various industries and careers through hands-on workshops and expert lectures. Our STEM program now offers four different choices to meet the needs and interests of different students:

1. Fish Embryo Toxicity Test: Students can learn experiment skills and perform toxicity tests to gain knowledge of animal test changes and development in the life sciences industry.

2. Plant-Based Food Solutions: Students can learn about plant-based food, how it is made, and why it is necessary to research and develop for the future.

3. Antigen Rapid Test: Students can learn about the mechanism of RAT kits and qPCR, two critical tools in the fight against diseases in the past few years.

4. Bio-Based Coating: Students can learn about nanotechnology applied in coating industry. They will also learn about bio-based coating, how it works, and its applications in industrial use.

We believe that our STEM program will provide students with a productive and enjoyable learning experience and help them succeed in the future.

Contact our STEM team now to get more details and arrange your school STEM program:


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