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Jeiotech Incubators (2/4-chambers)
  • Jeiotech Incubators (2/4-chambers)

    Product Advantages

    • Temperature range from ambient +5℃ to 70℃.
    • Independent temperature and timer control of each chamber using microprocessor PID.
    • Temperature calibration.
    • Automatic tuning.
    • Forced air convection generated by a noiseless and powerful sirocco fan ensuring optimal air circulation, temperature uniformity.



    Product Details

    Suitable for conducting independent experiment in two or four chamber incubators.

    Model Name : IB-02G-2C/4C



    • Two or four independently controlled 60L chambers merged into a single unit for space saving.
    • Intuitive control panel with bright LED display. (0.1℃resolution)
    • Dual wait on/off timer modes. (1 min. to 99 hr. 59 min.)
    • Three most commonly used temperature settings programmable.
    • Corrosion-resistant incoloy sheath heating element and stainless steel interior.
    • Rounded inner chamber corners for easy cleaning and optimal airflow.
    • Built-in cable port to use other instruments inside the chamber.
    • Built-in casters for easy transport and installation.



    • Automatic run after power interruption.
    • Keypad lock function prevents accidental changes during operation.
    • Over-temperature and over-current protection.
    • Audible and visible open door alarms.
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