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NCCO Air Purification Systems
  • NCCO Air Purification Systems

    Product Advantages:

    Disinfects and Deodorises

    Reduces the number of air changes (save energy and money)
    Removes TVOCs

    Protects health of employees

    Provides better working environment and increase in productivity

    Kills bacteria and viruses

    Maintains good air quality

    Collects allergens

    HEPA Filters grade 13

    Prevents inhalation of suspended particulates



    Product Details

    NCCO technology uses catalytic material with nano-sized pores. The shape selective properties of the catalytic material allow their usage in molecular adsorption. The catalytic material is able to adsorb certain molecules, while excluding others. The catalytic material is also impregnated with transition metals which will result in enhancing the reaction between the pollutants and the oxidants. The oxidants generated by the system will in turn decompose the pollutants into harmless harmless substances such as water molecules and carbon dioxide. These harmless substances will leave the nano-sized pores so that the pores can adsorb new pollutants again. Therefore, NCCO technology is a sustainable technology, which can continuously remove pollutants trom the environment by trapping them inside the catalytic material and convert them into non-harmtul products.

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