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Tipbiosystems Photopette handheld spectrophotometer
  • Tipbiosystems Photopette handheld spectrophotometer

    Product Advantages

    • UV-Visible range
    • Handheld
    • Easy to use, even for no experience staff
    • Cross contamination free



    Product Details

    The Photopette® product family consists of several models that differentiate in the supported wavelengths.


    The Photopette® device is a fast, accurate and economically priced handheld spectrophotometer universally used in life-sciences, environmental surveillance, food & beverages and chemical industry to measure concentrations in liquid samples.


    It offers the convenience, performance and seamless integration with cloud, web and mobile computing expected from contemporary devices and applications, saving users precious sample and time, while still producing precise and accurate results.


    This portable spectrophotometer enables users to dramatically improve the workflow and increase productivity through speed and portability.



    Photopette® Models

    Bio    View Model

    Cell    View Model

    OD600    View Model

    Turbidity     View Model

    Aqua    View Model

    Custom     View Model


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    Intro video:

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