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CareCoatex Pro Disinfection Antimicrobial Coating Service, spraying gun, Professional disinfection

CareCoatex Pro -
Antimicrobial Disinfection Coating Services

We are committed the best coating service to protect your business.

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Protect With CareCoatex Pro

CareCoatex Pro is an innovative R&D product from Prof. LI Pei‘s research team from The HK PolyU and Grand Rise Technology (PolyU InnoHub Startup Company). Which applies the groundbreaking core-shell particle technology that R&D lasted over 20 years.

Kills 99.9% of Viruses & Germs

Effective in killing 99.9% of common bacteria & viruses. (eg. H1N1, H3N2, COVID-19, Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, etc.)

Biocompatible And Non-Toxic

Environmentally friendly in usage. Free of alcohol, chlorine & heavy metal formulation.

100% Natural Ingredients

Made up of chitosan, thymol & purified water. Safe for sensitive skin and inhalation. Friendly to children, babies and pets.

Protection For 180 Days

Long-lasting surface coating. Which will not be removed by regular cleaning or over a hundred times wiping through alcohol.

CareCoatex Coating Service-Working

All-rounded Coating Service


Site Visit & Quoting

Coating Specialists will arrange a site visit to explain the coating service, understand the size and needs of the premises, and prepare quotations as required.


Prepare & Coating

Confirm the coating area. Shield the large objects and electrical appliances that cannot spray on the premises. Apply well-distributed coating with professional electronic sprayer to ensure the entire premises are fully protected.


Maintenance & Testing

Arrange several times of testing services in the coating-protected period to collect germ data on the surfaces of objects on the premises to ensure the protective effect of the coating.

CareCoatex Pro Disinfection Antimicrobial Coating Service, International Award, Geneva Invention, 日內瓦發明展金獎

International Award

The unique technology of CareCoatex Pro has been recognized by international awards and certification bodies.

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