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Antimicrobial Coating Service FAQ

Pages of Coating Service(Eng) 塗層服務專頁(中文)

Q: Why use the CareCoatex Pro antimicrobial coating?

A: This is innovative technology research from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It provides good antibacterial efficacy. At the same time, it has the characteristics of long-term effect, safety and environmental friendliness. You can significantly reduce the frequency of daily cleaning and the amount of other detergent used.

Q: Why does the protection duration differ between the coating service and the home version product?

A: Based on equipment factors, we use professional electrostatic high-power spraying tools, which make the coating coverage more uniform and last longer.

Q: What should I prepare before applying the coating service?

A: You should clean before applying to allow the coating to adhere better on the surface. And put away or cover some items that need to be attention.

Q: How to maintain the coating after applied?

A: After the coating, you should wait for the surface dry and let it stand still for several hours to ensure the coating can adhere tightly to the surface.

For daily cleaning, it is enough to use clean water as the cleaning material, and the cleaning frequency can be increased or decreased according to the number of users.

The coating service should be used again 180 days after completion of the coating to ensure it will continue to exert its antibacterial effect.

Q: What materials can the coating apply to?

A: As long as you take care of the items that need extra attention, the coating can apply to most materials, including wood, plastic, metal, glass and leather, etc. However, the spraying effect may be affected if there are super-hydrophobic materials.

Q: Can I use additional detergent or alcohol for cleaning?

A: If you need to use a disinfectant other than water, we recommend using alcohol. The product has good resistance to alcohol disinfection and can withstand hundreds of times of wiping without affecting the antibacterial performance of the coating.

Q: Is it safe for the human body if I touch the coating liquid or smell the coating?

A: Yes, the product's safety has been verified by various laboratory tests. Whether you touch or smell it, there will be no safety problems. Safe to use in environments with pregnant women, children, newborns and pets.

Q: Can someone with crustacean sensitivity use the coating?

A: Chitin is not a sensitive allergen in international associations and research. Its chitosan properties have good biocompatibility and no biological toxicity. It has been widely used for commercial and biomedical purposes. Safe to use by people with crustacean sensitivity or G6PD.


問: 為什麼使用聚護芯 (CareCoatex Pro) 抗菌塗層?

答: 本技術是來自香港理工大學的創科研究,它提供了良好的抗菌效能,並同時具備長效、優秀的安全性及環境友善等特性。 在實際使用上,可以大幅減少日常清潔所需的次數及清潔劑的使用量。

問: 為什麼塗層服務和家用版產品之間的保護效期不相同?

答: 基於設備因素,我們採用專業的帶靜電大功率的噴塗工具,可以使塗層的覆蓋更貼合及均勻,提供更高完成度的塗層,使效能得以持續更久。

問: 噴塗塗層前,我應準備什麼?

答: 應先進行清潔,讓塗層能更好的附著至表面。並收起或遮蓋部分需注意的物品。

問: 噴塗完成後,應如何維護塗層?

答: 塗層完成後,應等待表面乾透,再靜置數小時以讓塗層固定於物件表面。



問: 塗層可以應用於什麼物料上?

答: 只要留意需注意的物品的事項,塗層基本上可應用在大部分的物料上,包括木材、塑膠、金屬、玻璃和皮革等,惟如有超疏水性材質,可能會影響噴塗效果。

問: 清潔時可使用額外的清潔劑或消毒酒精嗎?

答: 如果需要使用清水以外消毒劑,我們建議使用酒精作為消毒劑,產品對於酒精消毒具良好抗性,可承受上百次的拭擦也不會影響塗層抗菌的性能。

問: 如觸摸到塗層液體,或聞到塗層的味道,是否對人體安全?

答: 是的,產品的安全性已通過各種實驗室測試的驗證,不論是觸膜或聞到也不會有任何的安全問題,在有孕婦、兒童、新生兒及寵物等的環境中使用都是安全的。

問: 有甲殼類敏感的人可以使用塗層嗎?

答: 甲殼素並不是在國際協會及研究中引致敏感的致敏源,其殼聚糖性質具有良好的生物相容性及無生物毒性,已廣泛的被用於商業和生物醫學用途,並不會引起敏感反應,不論有甲殼類敏感或G6PD症的人士都可以使用。

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