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Laboratory Product News May 2018


16 May 2018

SPECAC manufactures accessories for your FT-IR systems SPECAC provides entry and advance level analysis accessories for various brands of FT-IR system, helping users dealing with all types of samples--solid, liquid and gaseous phases.

Pear® Liquid Analyser is the easiest to use FTIR liquid sampling system. Faster operation, more accurate and repeatable results provides user a new experience on liquid system. Its wedged window design eliminates troublesome fringing completely.


The photopette® personal photometer offers the convenience, performance and seamless integration with cloud, web and mobile computing expected from contemporary devices and applications, saving users precious sample and time, whilst still producing precise and accurate results. The device enables users to dramatically improve the workflow and increase productivity through speed and portability.


Specac Atlas® hydraulic presses - Easy-to-use, rugged and durable Atlas® 15T and 25T Manual Hydraulic Presses have been designed to handle a wide variety of pressing application. They are specifically suited to the preparation of KBr discs using Specac Evaluable Pellet Die assembly. The Atlas® Presses can be also used with Specac Heated Platens for application such as the preparation of thin polymer films.


Specac Omni-Cell System – Transmission Liquid cell The Omni-Cell® system is a low cost novel approach to the analysis of liquid sample in transmission spectroscopy. It is compatible with all FT-IR Spectrometers. There are wide choice of window materials.

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