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Hong Kong Labware Joins "ESG+ Pledge Scheme" to Support Your Sustainable Laboratory Needs

Hong Kong Labware has committed to participating in the "ESG+ Pledge Scheme", dedicated to achieving sustainability in all aspects of environmental, social, and corporate governance.

As a laboratory equipment supplier, we understand the impact that businesses can have on the environment and society. Therefore, in addition to implementing a series of sustainable policies within our company, we also incorporate sustainable development concepts into our products and services. We aim to provide innovative laboratory design ideas incorporating ESG concepts to promote sustainable development practices when building your laboratory.

How can your laboratory meet ESG concepts?

- Design: Adopt an automated energy management design to ensure proper control of every fraction of electricity.

- Consumables: Use biodegradable laboratory consumables instead of traditional ones without compromising the quality of the experiment.

- Employee Safety: Choose sustainable filtration and ventilation systems to replace traditional methods.

We believe that by committing to sustainable development practices, we can create long-term value and impact for our customers, employees, investors, and society.

If you would like to learn more about laboratory sustainability directions and solutions, don't hesitate to contact our sales representative.

About "ESG+ Pledge Scheme":


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