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5V6A Testing System
  • 5V6A Testing System

    SKU: CT-4008T-5V6A

    CT-4008Tn-5V6A-S1 is Neware one of the best selling models which is widely used in cell manufactuers, universities and labs worldwide. It's great for testing different sizes of cylindrical, pouch and coin cells. Neware has launched new CT-4008Tn-5V6A-S1 with three output current ranges which can improve the testing accuracy based on varying charging/discharging current. Each CT-4008Tn-5V6A-S1 has 8 channels, and each channel is indepent. Working with Neware powerful software, it can be your best partner in the daily test.



    Product Details

    • 8 channels battery tester
    • Test Subjects: cells
    • Record Frequency:10HZ
    • Accuracy: 0.05%FS
    • 3 current ranges
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