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Acros Organics

Acros Organics

Product Advantages

  • AcroSeal packaging 
  • extra dry solvents for moisture-sensitive applications, solvents for biochemistry and some of the most commonly used deuterated solvents.
  • Deuterated solvents in AcroSeal packaging offer a low cost alternative to ampule packaging and reduce the hazards associated with handling ampules.
  • 2 different grades:
  • • Molecular sieves grade: Stored over molecular sieves for prolonged shelf life
  • • Supreme grade: Filtered through 0.2 micro filters for dust-free applications



Product Details

The Acros Organics™ brand delivers consistent, high-quality organics and fine chemicals at great savings.

AcroSeal packaging highlights

  • New septum developed from a polymeric elastomer with an inert fluoropolymer-coated surface, preserves product quality for longer with better re-seal around needle punctures.
  • Red butyl rubber septum is used on our organometallics, reagents in solution and organics products because it provides excellent chemical resistance to these products.
  • Adhesive-free septum reduces the risk of contamination.
  • Multiple screw thread windings in the inner septum holding cap minimize the risk of moisture ingress between cap and bottle.
  • Inner septum holding cap rim design supports and stretches the septum, reducing the risk of bulging or deformation.
  • Large surface area allows easier access for a second needle to replace the nitrogen blanket during use and prevents the need to puncture the same spot twice.
  • Cushioning liner in outer protective cap re-seals perfectly even after the septum has been pierced multiple times.
  • Tamper-evident seal indicates if the product has already been opened.
  • Easy cap removal ensures effortless access to large volumes of product.


We are sole distributor for Acros in Hong Kong and Macau. 


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