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Acrylic Desiccators
  • Acrylic Desiccators

    Clear and Light Sensitive Units. Our Desiccators are designed to protect, store, or assist in transporting critical materials and prevent their contamination. They are dust and moisture free cabinets that safeguard valuable research specimens or sensitive electronic components. You may easily observe the status of your components without opening the door.


    Under a slight positive N2 charge they prevent moisture from penetrating the molecular structure of stored components. Amber colored units “CGA” are very effective for protection from harmful U.V. rays for light sensitive components. 


    NOTE: #861-CG and #861-CGA doors open from the side. All other models open from the top and bottom.


    Product Features

    • Units are all stackable with non-slip “grip tight” feet.
    • Standardized construction means interchangeable shelves.
    • All shelves have perforated slots (holes) for optimum gas circulation.
    • All Desiccators with two or more cubicles have a built in divider for added strength.
    • Units are constructed of optically clear “jeweled” acrylic.
    • Slip-a-part hinges are standard.
    • Sealing clamps are springloaded for uniform locking tension.
    • Built in hygrometer (Rh) gauge.
    • All units have “door guards” to prevent warping and possible loss of internal atmosphere.
    • Closed cell gasketing does not take a set.
    • Special “gasket guard system” prevents gaskets from taking a set and causing a leak.
    • Each cubicle includes two (2) Nylon gas serrated nipples 1/8” & 1/4”  (90 degree elbows with hose barbs).

    12" x 12" x 6" high
    One (1) cubicle
    Two (2) shelf positions
    Two (2) perforated Shelves

    12" x 12" x 12" high
    One (1) cubicle
    Five (5) shelf positions
    Two (2) perforated shelves

    12" x 12" x 24" high
    Two (2) cubicles
    Five (5) shelf positions per cubicle
    Four (4) perforated shelves

    12" x 12" x 24" high
    One (1) cubicle
    Eleven (11) shelf positions
    Four (4) perforated shelves

    18" x 18" x 18" high
    Two (2) cubicles
    Five (5) shelf positions per cubicle
    Four (4) perforated shelves

    24" wide x 18" deep x 24" high
    Two (2) cubicles
    Five (5) per cubicle
    Four (4) perforated shelves

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