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All-in-One Testing Chamber

All-in-One Testing Chamber

SKU: MIHW-200-160CH-B

Constant Temperature Test of Coin Cells

Apply to electricians, electronics instrumentation, materials, semiconductors, etc.

It is a reliability testing equipment for battery performance test by new energy

enterprises and scientific research institutes.



Product Details

  • Standard:200L,160 channels

  • Combine the function of testers and temperature chamber

  • Record Frequency:10HZ

  • Accuracy: 0.05%FS

  • ExtermalSize: W600mmxD920mmxH1800mm

  • Temperature Range:0℃~60℃

  • Heat-up time:25℃→60℃ 30 min

  • Cooling time::25℃→0℃ 50 min

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