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CPL-300 Circularly Polarized Luminescence Spectrometer

CPL-300 Circularly Polarized Luminescence Spectrometer

Product Advantages

  • 2 Data simultaneously collected: CPL & fluorescence intensity
  • Extension of spectral range to 1100nm possible
  • Many optional accessories e.g. Peltier holder, LN2 cryostats, permanent magnets


Product Details

Product overview:

Circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) system is designed to supplement other chiroptical techniques like circular dichroism, ORD and VCD, providing chiral information of the excited state properties. The CPL-300 uses the original 180° fluorescence collection approach proposed by Steinberg.
In addition, emission properties may be more interesting than the absorption ones, particularly in the field of new materials research, where emission features have more technological impact.

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