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DIL L75 PT Quattro Dilatometer

DIL L75 PT Quattro Dilatometer

Product Advantages

  • Four separate dilatometer measuring sensors
  • Different furnace options (up to 2800 deg C)
  • Data security in case of power failure
  • Automatic zero point adjustment
  • Repetition measurements with minimum parameter input



Product Details

The LINSEIS DIL L75 PT Quattro Dilatometer is developed for customers which have to deal with a large amount of samples.
The Quattro Dilatometer is built up with 4 separate dilatometer measuring sensors, which can measure simultaneously either 4 separate samples at one time, or 3 separate samples against a reference standard.
It also allows user to insert new samples while the furnace is mounted on the system. Thus sample throughput can be even further increased significantly.
The complete software incorporates all essential features for measurement preparation, execution, and evaluation of a Dilatometer measurement.
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