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Hermle Microlitre Centrifuge Z 207 M

Hermle Microlitre Centrifuge Z 207 M

Product Advantages

  • max. Speed: 13,500 rpm
  • max. RCF: 17,317 xg
  • max. Volume: 24 x 1.5/2.0 ml
  • Speed range: 200 - 13,500 rpm
  • Running time: 59 min 50 s / 10 s increments 99 h 59 min / 1 min increments



Product Details

Due to the compact design, the Microlitre Centrifuge Z 207 M, is applicable, even in the smallest laboratory setting. There are two rotors available, the 24-place microlitre rotor, with snap-on lid or hermetical sealed lid, and the rotor for Spin Column Kits. Of particular note is the innovative control panel, with "Touch“-function!


  • Microprocessor with large LCD display

  • Electrical lid lock

  • Pre-selection of the rotor type

  • Quick access to samples

  • Active imbalance identifi cation and cut-off

  • Air Cooling System

  • Quick Acceleration and Deceleration

  • Noise level < 60 dBA at max. speed

  • Easy rotor exchange

  • Manufactured in accordance to International Safety Regulations, i.e. IEC 61010

  • Quick acceleration and deceleration within 13 seconds


Distinct Control Panel

  • Control panel with Touch-Operation

  • Simple one-handed operation

  • Easy to program with gloves on Splash-proof foil keyboard

  • Permanent indication of pre-set and actual values

  • Selection of speed in both rpm and g-force, in increments of 10 10 acceleration and deceleration rates, possibility of unbraked deceleration

  • Pre-selection of the running time, from 10 s to 99 h 59 min or continuous

  • Storage of up to 99 runs, including rotor

  • Quick-key for short runs

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