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LAMBDA™ 750 UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometer

LAMBDA™ 750 UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometer

Product Advantages

  • Double-beam, double monochromator optics

  • UV/Vis/NIR range : 190 – 3300nm

  • Measurements up to 6 Absorbance units

  • Dual Sampling Compartments



Product Details

With extension of spectral range into near-IR region (up to 3300nm), the Lambda 750 system provides the maximum flexibility for tough samples in chemistry, biochemistry and materials science. The system is ideal for a busy research or teaching laboratory. Two large sample compartments accommodate virtually any sample or sampling accessory with ease. The primary compartment is used for a wide range of cell-holders, reflectance and transmission accessories, while the second can be configured with a choice of snap-in transmission detectors or 60 mm integrating sphere modules. Modules can be interchanged rapidly, making it easy to configure the system for optimum results for any sample type
Easy-to-use UV WinLab™ analytical software with professional workflow streamlines analyses, making the LAMBDA Series the most thorough and capable UV/Vis/NIR and UV/Vis instrument range in the industry
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