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LC 300 HPLC & UHPLC Systems

LC 300 HPLC & UHPLC Systems

Product Advantages

  • Choice of HPLC (10K psi/690 bar) or UHPLC (18K psi/1240 bar) system
  • Integrated column oven offered standard on all LC300 autosamplers
  • Detectors with sample rates up to 200Hz
  • SimplicityChrom software with easy-to-learn workflows
  • QUASAR LC columns achieve rugged and reproducible results



Product Details

Product overview:
Whether you’re looking for a high-end HPLC or powerful UHPLC, LC 300 systems help your lab achieve fast, accurate results. With benefits such as 5 available detectors, ultraprecise gradient flows, low dispersion, and new SimplicityTMChrom CDS software, the LC 300 systems provide improved workflows, throughput and usability.
The LC 300 pump meets your need with multiple configurations for binary solvent delivery of up to four solvents. Choices of 10K psi (690 bar) for routine testing and 18K psi (1240 bar) for ultrafast separations are available.
LC 300 Autosampler comes with onboard, automated dilution and derivatization features, without the use of additional hardware or software. High-visibility color LCD screen provides system status at a glance.
Five high-sensitivity detectors (photodiode array, UV/Vis, multi-wavelength UV/Vis, fluorescence and refractive index) are available to meet your diverse application needs.
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