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MN · Solid phase extraction column

MN · Solid phase extraction column

Product Advantages

  • All CHROMABOND® columns, cartridges and 96-well plates are manufactured from polypropylene (PP) with lowest content of extractables (plasticizers, stabilizers,…) 
  • offering blank value free results when using most common solvents.
  • The high quality CHROMABOND® adsorbents are kept in place by chemically very inert polyethylene ilter elements (PE, standard pore size 20 μm).



Product Details

Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a powerful method for sample preparation and is used by most chromatographers today. About 25 years ago MACHEREY-NAGEL designed and introduced CHROMABOND® SPE cartridges containing silica-based adsorbents. Since then we have developed the widest range of phases and products for SPE based on silica and polymeric materials. 

"SPE has capabilities in a broad range of applications"
· Environmental analysis
· Pharmaceutical and biochemical analysis
· Organic chemistry
· Food analysis

Product range:
CHROMABOND® phases for SPE 
polymer RP and mixed-mode phases for acidic, basic and neutral compounds
Phases for water-soluble, non-ionic samples
Phases for water-soluble, ionic samples
Phases for samples soluble in organic solvents
Special phases for food, drug or environmental analysis
Products for phase separation or liquid-liquid extraction
SPE method development kits
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