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SOL COUNT Automatic Cell Counter
  • SOL COUNT Automatic Cell Counter

    with 10µl of sample , 10 sec.
    Now you have 10 times more measurement range than traditional Hemocytometer!


    SOL COUNT Automatic Cell Counter using lens-free LED optics and CMOS sensing technology with its highly mobile design,  you can use SOL COUNT in every location you need. 


    Product Advantages

    • Automatically count
    • High Accuracy
    • High Reproducibility
    • Fast Result
    • Eliminates eye and mental fatigue


    Product Details


    Cell Counting Time≤ 10 s/channel
    Cell Concentration Range1 x 10^4 ~ 1 x 10^7 cells/mL
    Cell Size Range5-50 µm
    Cell Viability Range0~100%
    Sample volume10 µl
    Sample MethodTrypan blue (0.4%) stain
    Image Resolution8MP
    Exporter formatsjpg (image), PDF (report), CSV
    Data exportUSB drive, Cloud Server (SOLOUD)
    Display6.95" Touch LCD
    ConnectivityEthernet, Wi-Fi (2.4G, 802.11 b/g/n), HDMI
    Dimensions (WxDxH)180 x 120 x 78 mm
    Weight820 g
    Electrical Input5V, 3A UBS C type charging
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