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Sparkfree / Explosion Proof Fridge (Medical)
  • Sparkfree / Explosion Proof Fridge (Medical)

    Product Advantages

    • Made in Denmark
    • Fan for better circulation
    • Selection of glass door or solid door
    • I-CARE controller with logging of data & alarms, touch screen
    • All are explosion protection are appropriate for the storage of explosive
      and highly flammable materials within the meaning of EU Directive:
      2014/34/EU (ATEX)



    Product Details

    Vestfrost Solutions refrigerators are equipped to fit your daily need for areliable storage of your sensitive healthcare & life science applications. Featuring the ETR-System™ (Extended Temperature Range) the unit canoperate within +2°C to +20°C, giving you flexibility to adjust the cooling to yourspecific needs, or to save energy reducing both operation costs & carbonemission. Our biomedical appliances offer a reliable solution for users seekingindustry leading cooling performance and high operation stability.Selection from : 90 liters (under bench model), 138 liters ,427 liters I-CARE


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    ATEX Certificate

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