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Specac Pearl Liquid Analyzer ( Liquid Transmission Cell )

Specac Pearl Liquid Analyzer ( Liquid Transmission Cell )

Product advantages

  • Fringing elimination

  • Easiest to use

  • Fastest

  • More accurate



Product Details

Specac Pearl® greatly reduces the time and difficulty of liquid sample analysis in the Near and Mid-infrared. The Pearl® provides a faster, more accurate and more repeatable experience than traditional liquid cell.
The accessory contains Specac’s innovative Oyster Cell assembly which holds sample in a horizontal plane. The cell can be cleaned very easily and quickly using tissue and an appropriate solvent.
With innovative ‘Lift and Tilt’ mechanism, the Pearl® provides a more accurate pathlength than can been achieved using a traditional liquid transmission accessory, with pathlength repeatable to significantly better than 1μm.
The unique wedged cells are available to eliminate troublesome fringing.

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