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Testing laboratory

We offer total solution for setup Softline, Hardline, Textile or Toys Testing laboratory, our product range from sample preparation, sample handling, analysis to sample storage.

Product required includes:

Shaker & Hotplate Stirrer

Laboratory Oven & Furnace

Liquid-handling (Dispenser, pipette)

Rotary evaporator setup (Chiller, pump, aspirator)

pH meter

Ultrasonic bath

Water bath

Laboratory balance

Laboratory water system

Kjeldahl Distillation system

Glassware disinfector / washer

Laboratory mill / grinder

Testing Chamber (Temp., humidity ..etc)

Laboratory cold storage (freezer, refrigerator)

Reference standard & reagents

Laboratory Fumehood & furnitures

Chromatography instrument (GC, GC/MS..etc)

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-OES/MS)



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